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Mandragola - Niccolo Machiavelli This book really brought out the worst in people.

The reactions to it today in my Political Theory class were repugnant. Rape apologism, victim-blaming, sexism, misogyny...

I hated this play, but I suppose it brought out some passionate responses in me - a silver lining.

Certainly connects to Machiavelli's views on how people should behave, and raises some interesting questions - what does it truly mean to be happy? Is ignorance bliss, in the case of a buffoon like Nicia? How has Lucrezia changed? (One student called her a 'harlot'. Perhaps we should burn her at the stake for exercising her agency in the only way possible.)

This review is a little incoherent because of how furious the class discussions made me. The "I know, it's horrendously sexist, ha-ha" reaction is not acceptable.